A good quality image and a successful hunt... do you see a connection or mutual similarities?

Here's what I see – to have a successful hunt there are certain basic pre-trip ingredients that have to be put in place to give you the best chance of a result

Consider these simple things: choosing a good area, watching weather forecasts, making sure your rifl e or bow is shooting straight and getting the wind right. When these factors are all put together, your chances of coming away with an animal are greatly increased. 

A good photograph has the same type of pre-image basics that determine how that image will turn out. In fact there are three basic variable ingredients that have a huge eff ect on the success or otherwise of your image. They are shutter speed, aperture and ISO, or 'the big three' as I call them.

The Basic Principles

A photograph is created by the camera recording the light (scene) that 'hits' the digital sensor. The amount of light (and corresponding data) hitting that sensor determines how the image will look. Too much light and the image will look very bright or overexposed; not enough light and....  >> Download the full article to read more (pdf 1.3Mb)