Issue 85 - Oct/Nov 2021 
On Sale Mon 27th September 2021

We’ve just come out of lockdown as I write this, and the poor old Aucklanders are still in level 4, so there hasn’t been much hunting done lately!

All our mid-winter trips had to be canned and now the Red stags have cast their antlers, but we’re hoping to squeeze in a Fallow hunt before they too drop in October. 

I had thought that most people who are endangering the future of hunting in New Zealand are outside of the hunting sector but unfortunately, that is not the case. I have been absolutely flabbergasted by some of the vitriolic stuff we’ve seen and heard recently that has come from within a small minority in the hunting sector aimed at the dedicated groups of volunteers that give freely of their time to try and make hunting better for all of us. Normally I would not bother to gi... read more »

In this issue:

  • Whitewater Wapiti – and adventure from Mitch Thorn and Co.
  • Ngaire Dampney’s first chamois hunt, a step outside the comfort zone
  • Two Nights in Q Creek by Tom Fraser
  • Laurence Forrest’s Blueprint Success
  • What Camera Should I Buy? Part 4 – D...


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