Outside of the roar, these are probably the two biggest months on the deer stalking calendar.  

Why?  Because the deer are on the move and making up for lost time (and condition) filling their bellies on spring growth.  The lawns might start growing in september but in the mountains, spring generally starts in November.  Deer will begin appearing on the flats, slips and clearings and one the hinds/does drop their calves/fawns, there will be yearlings wandering around trying to figure out why they are suddenly on their own. Left to fend for themselves, they become easy targets for the hunter after a bit of tender meat.  Just don't expect them to be at their fattest at this time of year, as they are the bottom of the pecking order, food wise.

For the meat hunter this is a great....  >> Download the full article to read more (pdf 9.3Mb)