Written by: Hannah Rae

Of course hunting is good for us - but why? 

We all know the feeling of needing to “get some fresh air” or put on our pack and “blow off some steam”.

It was highlighted for us last year when lockdown left the hunting population of NZ trapped like ill-tempered rats stuck in our respective cages. The fact that the Red stag roar and the Wapiti ballots were about to kick off served to truly exacerbate the issue.

Every one of us says “hunting is good for me”. We know it intuitively, we know we feel good being out in the hills - stretching the legs, breaking a sweat, seeing animals amongst fantastic scenery, and soaking up some vitamin D.

But what is it exactly that makes it so good for us?....  >> Download the full article to read more (pdf 1.3Mb)